Fenix International reaches target nearly a year ahead of schedule

Sabera Khan (1971-2021)
August 17, 2021

Fenix International reaches target nearly a year ahead of schedule

The Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia (BGFZ) is an ambitious multi-year programme aiming to increase energy access, improve livelihoods and catalyse economic activity in rural and peri-urban areas. In this first phase, BGFZ aimed to bring modern energy services to at least 190,000 households – translating to one million Zambians – by 2021. In the first funding round, BGFZ contracted four companies to deliver modern, affordable, high-quality Energy Service Subscriptions (ESS) to off-grid areas in the country. Together, the four companies have reached over 90% of this target, with one company performing especially strong – Fenix International Zambia.

Fenix’s flagship product, Fenix Power, is an expandable, pay-to-own solar home system designed and priced for off-grid households. Financed through affordable instalments over mobile money, Fenix Power solar systems charge phones and power bright lights, radios, and efficient appliances while displacing kerosene lanterns and candles. These portable, easy-to-use systems improve not only the finances, but the lives of subscribers who report such benefits as spending more time with their families at night, feeling safer, having more disposable income, and improved study conditions for their children.

At the outset, Fenix International was contracted to provide energy services to 141,600 customers by July, 2021. Their swift implementation of business plan and better market reception than originally anticipated helped them reach their energy service delivery milestones much faster than expected. Through diligent sales efforts and a high quality product, they significantly outperformed their target reaching this goal last week – one full year ahead of schedule.

Mangiza Phiri, CEO of Fenix International Zambia, says:

“As an impact driven organisation, every household that transitions from unsafe energy sources to new generation solar power is a great success. We are very proud to have achieved our target this far ahead and this is because the backing of BGFZ gave us a strong incentive to scale or enter previously unserved regions such as Mwinilunga, Zambezi, Chinsali and Kalabo where previously almost 90% of the households where off-grid”. 

Phiri further added that reaching this milestone so far ahead has given the organisation a deepened confidence that their solution is well accepted and their {business} model works. He has pledged that they are not going to slow down on their mission to deliver affordable, reliable and sustainable energy solutions and life changing services.

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