Work with BGFZ

Become a BGFZ Awardee

The first round of financing under the BGFZ is closed, but we will be preparing a second round of financing for release in 2018. Please watch this space for news on BGFZ II, or join our mailing list to be notified automatically as soon as more information is available.

Contribute to BGFZ

Although the BGFZ is not structured as a financial instrument, it is still possible to contribute to the goals and impact of the Fund. If your institution or organization is interested in contributing as a donor or supporter of the BGFZ directly, please contact us.

Support Zambia Beyond the Grid

If your institution or organization is interested in supporting other aspects of Zambia’s rural and peri-urban development beyond the grid, we are happy to provide advice, ideas and connections to help guide support of various types to those places it is most needed. To find out more about other eorts relating to Zambia Beyond the Grid please contact us.