BGFZ Impact

Press Release: BGFZ connects 100,000 Zambian Households

10-04-2019, Lusaka, Zambia / Innovative Sweden-funded programme that brings clean energy to over 100,000 Zambian households, benefiting 500,000 individuals, will now be expanded to three additional countries.

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Lighting up Zambia (Publication)

01-03-2019, Lusaka, Zambia / 'Lighting up Zambia: The impacts of 1.5 years of Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia' presents the impacts thus far of this highly successful programme. Nearly 500,000 Zambians have gained access to modern energy since the programme started in July 2017 - meet some of them in this brochure.

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How innovative payment systems are helping Zambians electrify their lives

01-02-2019, Lusaka, Zambia / For just a few Kwacha a day, subsistence farmers in rural Zambia can pay off solar lighting and phone charging systems supplied by Vitalite and Fenix International – two of four companies providing clean and reliable off-grid energy solutions through the Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia.
"We are not only providing services and products, we’re also building capacity and improving quality of life."

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Impact Update June 2018

13-06-2018, Lusaka, Zambia / The Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia was officially launched ten months ago. Find out how the four contracted companies have been doing since then in this impact update!

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Meet VITALITE's Customers

08-06-2018, Lusaka, Zambia / With the help of BGFZ, VITALITE aims to sell 95,000 high-quality Solar Home Systems (SHS) by 2021, reaching some 500,000 beneficiaries. This Zambian company is currently scaling up its operations with the aim of reaching all ten provinces of the country. Thus far, VITALITE has sold 5,000 solar home systems, in rural and peri-urban areas including the outskirts of Lusaka. Many customers first hear about VITALITE from friends and neighbours, and some purchase more than one system.

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Sweden's Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia signs first contracts with Energy Service Providers. The goal: modern energy for one million Zambians

10-07-2017, Lusaka, Zambia / Sweden’s Ambassador to Zambia Henrik Cederin signed four contracts last Friday with companies offering a variety of rural energy solutions, marking the start of operations of the Power Africa: Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia (BGFZ)

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Power for All on BGFZ: Energy access means jobs in Zambia

News - 18 March 2019

Ashden highlights BGFZ health impacts

News - 18 March 2019

Sweden announces a major expansion of the Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia

News - 21 February 2019

Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia Longlisted for Ashden Award

News - 15 January 2019

Emerging Cooking Solutions' Z-Stove Wins Prestigious Swedish Design Award

News - 11 June 2018

Vitalite opens Sales & Service Centre in Kitwe, Copperbelt Province

News - 26 February 2018

Standard Microgrid's Matthew Wainwright wins the 2018 African Youth Energy Innovator Award

News - 21 February 2018

ENGIE accelerates its development in the off-grid energy market by joining forces with Fenix

Press Release - 19 October 2017

Standard Microgrid wins and Standard Bank Innovation Challenge

News - 23 September 2017

Africa’s largest telco partners with Fenix International to launch off-grid solar in Zambia

Press Release - 1 August 2017

Sweden's Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia signs first contracts with Energy Service Providers. The goal: modern energy for one million Zambians

Press Release - 10 July 2017